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Why Small Groups Are Important

An assumption we’ve had in the West is that information is sufficient to change lives, but this is false. Only information that is implemented makes any difference. Life change comes by practice. This is what Jesus meant when He said we are to be doers of the word, not just hearers. 

Reading Let’s Break the Rules is a good start on the journey to transformation, but without practice we do not reach freedom. It’s very difficult to break free of old ways and practice a new life of freedom. We need help with this. 

A healthy small group is a safe place to learn new ways of living. We learn best through dialogue with others. Growth and transformation happens best in community. 

These are not your ordinary home Bible study groups. There is a unique way these groups need to be structured and led in order to help people break free of these dysfunctional rules. 

The leaders of these small groups are the key.  

To help them we have created the following: 

  • A series of ten Training Videos for the small group leaders 
  • A 52-page Small Group Leader’s Guide, including outlines for each session 
  • A 48-page Participants Guide to discuss questions and write notes 



To help ensure that these small groups are successful Dan Woodard is offering coaching for the small group leaders. Weekly 60-minute zoom calls to coach, celebrate progress, and work through challenges. Small group leaders find this very helpful in their crucial role.

I am offering to personally coach small group leaders through the nine-week experience beginning this fall, 2022. This makes a big difference in the effectiveness of the groups. 

A church we worked with had 80% of their people sign up for these small groups, and everyone stayed through the nine-week journey. The church leaders reported back that Let’s Break the Rules small group experience was catalytic to the turn-around in the relational health of the church. 

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Why Coaching is Important

Fee for ten one-hour online live coaching sessions for all your small group leaders:


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