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Let’s Break the Rules
Because Healthy Relationships Matter
by Dan Woodard and Dan Reinhardt

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Because Healthy Relationships Matter
by Dan Woodard and Dan Reinhardt

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  1. Steven Ibbotson

    If you experience or observe unhealthy relationships – personally, in a family, or in a workplace – this book can help you discover and change the often unstated “rules” which lead to dysfunction. Written from a clearly Christian perspective, Let’s Break the Rules addresses six rules often found in families and church communities which do significant damage to achieving desired loving relationships.

    After sharing their personal stories of “keeping the rules” as young men, Dan Woodard and Dan Reinhardt describe how each of the six rules play out in daily life and the effects on one’s view and interactions with God and other people. With vulnerability, they share the dangerous interpersonal consequences of living by unwritten rules contrary to Scripture. Biblical illustrations of the principles are also consistently included.

    I highly recommend this book to both individuals and to faith communities, no matter what your tradition or denomination.

    Admittedly, I am biased as our church is the one identified in the introduction as the congregation which was blessed to engage in the initial video messages from which the book grew. This was challenging yet immensely helpful content for small groups to wrestle with in dealing with historic conflicts, personally and organizationally.

  2. Sien Luyendyk

    This book is easy to read and your personal experiences do make your points a lot clearer. Really appreciate you being so genuine in expressing this message and still honoring the people who are struggling or have been raised in this. Thank you for being willing to use your God given talents of using words and the dysfunction in your upbringing to produce a tool that many people can relate to and hopefully experience freedom and healing.

  3. Rachel Poole (verified owner)

    That was a great book Dan. Very well done and tactful. Only you could figure out how to be nice and real. I didn’t want it to end and I look forward to book #2. I have much to learn and who better to learn from than my big brother. ❤️

  4. Elisabeth Swinger (verified owner)

    Finally had a chance last night to begin to pour over your book. It is even better than I imagined! I was up late because I couldn’t put it down. So proud of you. Grateful to God for all he has placed in your heart…for the saving of many. God is amazing!

  5. Connie Ericksten

    Roger had your book downstairs and when I saw him reading a book, I asked what he was reading. He had forgotten to tell me when the book arrived in December. So, I read it. Beyond words, fantastic. Love your insight, honest stories, and wow, clarity of writing!! What an eye opener! Just in time. I am going through a terrible time with a certain relationship. I am living out the part that I wrote truth of what has been going on in our relationship and now I am the enemy! I said it out loud! So, I am starting to read your book again and asking the Lord the many things I need to have him straighten out, reveal, deal with, and be obedient to do. Thank you for sending the book. I plan to recommend it to many!! Great job! I hope it is successful to change lives. Just one question. When is book two available?

  6. Gil Killam (verified owner)

    Being a pastor for many years I have witnessed the havoc resulting from a rigid rules-based upbringing. This type of background can negatively affect a person’s future. Regardless of what station in life you have, as parents, pastors, leaders in authority, etc. this book explains the path of freedom to live how God designed us to be.

    The authors of this book speak from their experience. They share their stories of the way their lives have been affected by experiences in breaking dysfunctional rules from their childhood to adulthood and how they found freedom from bondage resulting from rules with which they were brought up. They show the power of the grace of God to help overcome unhealthy relationships. The book tells how they were bound living by six rules – “Don’t talk, Don’t feel, Don’t trust, Don’t think, Don’t choose, and Don’t change.” This book is a valuable tool for anyone who may have lived in strict legalistic relationships in their formative years. I recommend this book!

  7. Beth

    Dan and Dan, your book Let’s Break the Rules could certainly have the same tag as the radio program Unshackled. Each chapter of the book causes you to face yourself and think. What you say isn’t necessarily profound, but it sure is relevant. And truthful. And practical. Your transparency triggers others to respond in transparency. As the psalmist wrote, “He fashioneth their hearts alike.” Every human is made of the same stuff. We all need the Lord to change us internally. When people finish reading your book they would do well to watch the 90-minute YouTube video of you two summarizing your book. That caps it off, just like nuts on a hot fudge sundae!

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