Pardon me?

Break the rules?!

Do we sound like we’re prodigals or cynics or maybe outright lawless? No, we’re not any of these. The rules we believe need to be broken are the dysfunctional rules of most every alcoholic home, including those homes where there is an absence of alcohol. We are referring to the often unspoken rules of don’t talk, don’t feel, don’t trust, don’t think, don’t choose and don’t change.

Let’s break these rules…


Don't talk.


Don't feel.


Don't trust.


Don't think.


Don't choose.


Don't change.

Let’s be free… talk feel trust think choose change

Because healthy relationships matter!


Chapter 1  |  But God

But God meant it for good, for the saving of many lives.

Chapter 2  |  Living By the Rules

Living out a rules-based faith is inadequate in our quest to be devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

Chapter 3  |  Let’s Talk

God created us to talk with Him and others in ways that are authentic and engaging.

Chapter 4  |  Let’s Feel

God created us to feel emotions as a dashboard of what’s happening in our hearts.

Chapter 5  |  Let’s Trust

God created us to trust as a means of connecting in community.

Chapter 6  |  Let’s Think

God created us to think as a means of sorting through the true from the false.

Chapter 7  | Let’s Choose

God created us to make choices so we are free to choose Him and His ways.

Chapter 8  |  Let’s Change

God created us to change so we can heal and grow from the inside out.

Chapter 9  |  Living by Grace

Living by grace enables us to live the abundant life as talking, feeling, trusting, thinking, choosing, changing people.