Dan Woodard

Dan Woodard serves with Action International Ministries to mentor and coach First Nations leaders and missionaries in developing healthy leaders, churches and parachurch ministries. He has participated in numerous ventures in the past four decades, including directing Pathways to Life, administrating a partnership of ten mission agencies, training hundreds of new missionaries and coordinating symposiums and conferences. In more recent years, Dan’s workshop training has largely focused on team building, master-planning, and equipping for more effective ministry, especially in cross-cultural settings.

Dan and his wife Deanna have three married sons and five grandchildren. Both Dan and Deanna are accomplished pianists, and Dan enjoys hunting, gathering firewood, and researching his family tree.

Dr. Dan Reinhardt

Dr. Dan Reinhardt is the Founder and President of the CREST Leadership Program. Leadership development has always been a part of his life. As a youngster he watched his missionary parents train leaders in India. After completing a Bachelor in Bible degree in the USA he traveled to Jerusalem where he earned a Masters in the History and Geography of Ancient Israel. He learned and practiced leadership skills leading Hillcrest Church (Medicine Hat, Alberta) from 270 to 1200 in attendance, with eight associate pastors. He earned a Doctor of Ministry in Leadership from Asbury Seminary. His doctoral thesis became the foundation for launching in 2002 of the CREST Leadership Program. CREST is a life and leadership development process that helps mid-life leaders find clarity for the second half of life. With graduates all across Canada, CREST has emerged as a premier adult leadership development program.

Dan and his wife, Anne,  have four grown children and numerous grandchildren. He loves working with his hands in his woodworking shop.