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By Dan Woodard and Dr. Dan Reinhardt

Let’s Break The Rules

Because Healthy Relationships Matter

Dan Woodard was raised with six unspoken rules: don’t talk, don’t feel, don’t trust, don’t think, don’t choose, and don’t change. These rules guided his life from boyhood till early in his marriage. When he finally dared to break these rules, it disrupted his status quo but ultimately set him free to experience and enjoy healthy relationships. In this compelling book, Dan teams up with Dr. Dan Reinhardt to describe the damage these six rules can cause and how to find healing and wholeness. This book offers practical tools to break the cycle of abuse, relational brokenness, and family drama.


Let me ask you a question…

  • Were you raised in a home with lots of rules?
  • Are there too many chaotic relationships in your life?
  • Is alcohol or substance abuse anywhere in your family tree?
  • Do you want to escape the drama of silence, secrecy, and isolation of your life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, this book is for you.



“Dan Woodard, your powerful story puts into words what many other people have felt but had no way to express. You know how to say the most life shattering things in the most non-offensive respectful way. For years we’ve been wrestling with how to speak truth even when it’s not beautiful, without slandering people, and how to break the silence and speak candidly without pretending. Now we finally know. Let’s Break the Rules is very much what people who grew up in church need to read. We’ve always hoped those verses about Jesus coming to set the captives free might be for us and our family. Many thanks for shining the light on relationships.”

– Anita & Jason Boucher

Directors, Big River Bible Camp, Big River, Saskatchewan, Canada


 “I’ve lived in church all my life, but I’ve never heard teaching like this. We watched your series on YouTube before reading the book. Your teaching on the rules has helped our family think in ways we don’t ordinarily think. Each chapter hits closer to home than you would ever realize. Every message gave our family plenty of things to discuss around the Sunday lunch table, then later with my husband and me. We’re so glad to finally have the book.”

– Beth

South Carolina


“I have personally observed Dan and Deanna throughout their entire married lives. Dan Woodard does a masterful job of sharing his life story in this book. God has transformed this couple from a rules-based Christianity to a grace-based faith. I can assure you Dan and Deanna have lived what he describes. Be prepared for this book to rock your world. Do not be afraid to go there and open the door to these insights and principles.”

– Dr. Bill Coleman

Retired Lead Pastor


 “In your final chapter you list the excuses for having no hope of ever changing. That’s all me. I’ve used every excuse in your list! From day one, I’ve blamed myself for how my entire life has been. Thanks for giving me hope that I can actually change.”

– Name withheld

Niece of Dan Woodard



“Dan Woodard, you are respectful, forgiving, and genuine in your book. You honor your parents while being so real. You honor your siblings and extend the forgiveness Jesus extends and has extended to us all. So many of us easily relate to your stories. This book is cohesive, easily understandable, filled with wisdom, practical truth and keys to allow God to bring healing and change. When I read this book you and your friend Dan have written, one word comes to mind: transformational. You say and do the hard things to shine the light of Jesus into the darkness. I just know this book will open many more doors than you can imagine.”

– Lisa Swinger

Elder Care Specialist, Greer, SC


 “I recently watched your story and the first couple messages in your series. Your choices to face life head on and deal with the rules of your past prompts me to ask for permission to share this with the small groups in our church. Our church needs help in teaching how to stop pretending everything’s fine and start healing from the broken relationships so many of us have. Please send me three copies of Let’s Break the Rules.”

– Pastor

New York